McKinney, Texas: Huckleberry Chuck signs off

One of my heroes passed away yesterday. Charles Twain “Huckleberry Chuck” Clemans was one month short of 87 (born December 27, 1933). When I was in junior high school I just kinda-sorta thought I’d become an attorney. It certainly wasn’t a passion and it’s not like I put a lot of thought into it. My research consisted of watching weekly episodes of Perry Mason and thinking, “That was cool.” That all changed in April, 1962. KMEN 129, a new radio station, had hit the airwaves about a month earlier. I continued listening to KFXM, the original Top 40 station in my hometown, until my sister told me that all the cool high school kids had switched over to this new station. So as I was … Continue reading McKinney, Texas: Huckleberry Chuck signs off